Why the Women of the Bible Matter...

Lessons for today

Women of the Bible offer many valuable lessons:

~ Having faith to go out when God calls us.
Desiring to be a person of judgement and character, rather than just a physically attractive person.
Remembering there is no sin we cannot lay at the feet of Jesus.
Looking back at the past and not becoming paralyzed.
Choosing to look to the future rather than back at the past.

Stories of love and devotion.

These and other lessons find expression in the lives of Biblical women.
In learning their stories, in seeing their humanness, you may also discover
how much God loved and uplifted them, sometimes in spite of themselves -
and how He can do the same for you.

For anyone who has ever felt too rushed to enjoy a moment's peace, Martha is here to remind you to slow down and remember what's important in life. For anyone who has ever faced the heartbreak of infertility, the stories of SarahRebekah, and Elizabeth remind you that you're not alone. And for anyone who has ever longed for true love and acceptance, the silent pleas of Leah, the Sinful Woman, and the Woman at the Well strike a note of kinship. 

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These and other stories of love and devotion - of faith lost and found - touch our hearts and compel us to reflect on the place of Biblical truths in our busy daily lives.

 Watch one of these stories come to life: The Woman Caught in Adultery