For Such a Time as This

Program length: Characters only: 30minutes



  with Anita's testimony:  55 minutes

Queen Esther
Lot's Wife
Anita's Personal Testimony *

 It's not often a queen comes to visit, but Esther has an urgent message for us.  A poor orphan girl, she was plucked from obscurity and placed in a position of importance in a palace.  That sounded like every girl's dream cometrue, until she discovered that she faced a life-or-death  decision:   speak up for her people and possibly lose her life or be silent andwatch them lose theirs.

  Lot's on themove - angels have warned him to leave Sodom and he takes heed.  Lot'swifeis another matter - she wants to hold on to the comfortable, the familiar, thepast. 

 A "working" girl who runs an Inn in Jericho is visited by two strangers.  There is a choice to be made, and she has to make it fast - continue to place her future in her valuable crimson cord, or risk her life, and trust the God of the two strangers.  Rahab made a decision that changed the course of her life forever.

We all face crossroads, where we must make difficult decisions.  These women give great examples for us today.

For Such a Time as This is often chosen for Sunday morningworship .  It's appropriate for allages. 

* Anita always includes her personal testimony for single performances. At retreats, she will give her testimony at the end of one of the selected programs. A second piece, "Lessons Along the Way" (10 minutes) is available for repeat clients and retreats.  In addition, 10-15 minute "Reflections on the Women" are available for most programs performed in a retreat setting.