Pretty Is As Pretty Does

Program length: Characters only: 60 minutes
with Anita's testimony:  90 minutes


Anita's Personal Testimony *

~ Abigail was a  beautiful woman and that's all Nabal, her first husband, saw in her.  But he's a brute and a fool.  He puts his household in harm's way.  Abigail's at a crossroads:  stand by and watch her household be destroyed  or take action and endure the wrath of Nabal.   Listening to her story, we find out that being pretty isn't her greatest attribute. 
 ~   Leah  stood in the shadow of  her sister's beauty and wanted something she was never going to have and she felt invisible.  The truth was,  she wasn't invisible to God. 
 ~   It's tough  being a military wife  - a young and lonely Bathsheba makes a costly mistake. 

The three characters deal with both the positive and negative aspects of beauty. This program is filled with humor, and is terrific for a  women's event, but you don't have to leave out  the men - it speaks volumes to them as well. Due to sexual innuendo, this program is probably not appropriate for young children.


* Anita always includes her personal testimony for single performances. At retreats, she will give her testimony at the end of one of the selected programs. A second piece, "Lessons Along the Way" (10 minutes) is available for repeat clients and retreats.  In addition, 10-15 minute "Reflections on the Women" are available for most programs performed in a retreat setting.