The Wife, the Witch, and the Virgin

  Program length: Characters only - 65 minutes
  with Anita's testimony - 95 minutes  




The Wife (of Job)
The Witch (of Endor)
The Virgin (Mary, Mother of Jesus)

Jane is a mess.  Where do we find her in the Bible? We don't.  Actually, she's a modern-day character living in New York City, abandoned by her boyfriend and newly unemployed. Her solution: her horoscope, pills and wine. But her mom boldly suggests that Jane try something new - the  Bible.  In desperation, Jane opens the  Bible and like the children in C.S. Lewis’ classic The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, she is transported  into another world where she meets Job’s wife, the Witch of Endor, and Mary, the mother of Jesus. In this fascinating new world she learns biblical truth and valuable life lessons. 

This is a great program for all ages.  Audiences that have seen Anita’s other programs will be surprised to see that she never leaves the stage to make her costume changes.  She transforms herself into each of the characters with very simple costume pieces and props.

* Anita always includes her personal testimony for single performances. At retreats, she will give her testimony at the end of one of the selected programs. A second piece, "Lessons Along the Way" (10 minutes) is available for repeat clients and retreats.  In addition, 10-15 minute "Reflections on the Women" are available for most programs performed in a retreat setting.