Who Ya Gonna Serve?

(formerly known as "Stools")
Program length:
Characters only - 60 minutes
with Anita's testimony - 90 minutes


Anita's Personal Testimony *

~ Elizabeth and her husband, Zachariah, were both upright in the sight of the Lord, but both were incredibly disappointed by her long-term infertility.  Yet miraculously, she becomes pregnant in her old age  We meet Elizabeth as she bids farewell to Mary and awaits the arrival of her son, John.  We learn from her story that nothing is impossible with God. 
~ Puah's in a dither- she's heard there's a baby about to be born.   As a midwife, she springs into action.   But when there's no expectant mother to be found, she recounts how she defied Pharaoh because she realized that the Hebrew God was the one to fear. 
 ~ Herodias can't sleep - another nightmare.  A woman with a sense of entitlement and the need for revenge hatches a diabolical plan that becomes her undoing.

Who Ya Gonna Serve? is a powerful, dynamic program that opens with delightful characters but closes on a somber, poignant note.  This program is not recommended for young children but is great for both men and women.   Some clients choose to use this program during Advent because a pregnant Mary is part of Elizabeth's story.

* Anita always includes her personal testimony for single performances. At retreats, she will give her testimony at the end of one of the selected programs. A second piece, "Lessons Along the Way" (10 minutes) is available for repeat clients and retreats.  In addition, 10-15 minute "Reflections on the Women" are available for most programs performed in a retreat setting.