Please use the form below to request promotional materials for upcoming events.

Important Notes:

Once you return this request form, you will receive a Publicity Questionnaire to fill out all the details of your event.




Booking Inquiries:

Please contact Anita:

(410) 647-6797



For all other questions and feedback, please use the form on our contact page.  The button below will direct you there.  Thank you!





Would you like WOB promotional posters for the event? *
Please be aware that poster requests typically take 1-2 weeks to fulfill. If posters are needed on short term notice, please be sure to notify Anita immediately to see if we can make last-minute accommodations.
Poster Size(s) *
Would you like WOB postcards? *
The first 100 are free of charge, after that we charge $10 per 100 cards to cover the cost of printing and shipping.
Would you like a short promotional video for the event? *
This is a generic video. If you would like a personalized video for your event, that option is available, but there is a small charge of $50, and it will take about 3 weeks to create. Please send a separate email to order the specialized video..
Would you like us to send out an email invite for the event? *
We can send an email invitation to people on our mailing list who live near the event location. The evite is typically sent out two weeks before the event.